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Technology and materials


In spite of the great number of many modern insulating fabrics down items are still the best. For millions of years since birds first took to the skies they have been evolving the lightest and warmest insulation in nature. Combined with high compressibility and the fact it is long lasting makes down ideal. These qualities are due to the down structure, which consists of a central quill with thousands of separate fibres that interlock and repel each other at the same time. Goose down if treated properly lasts for 20 years.

Down quality depends on the conditions the birds lives in. Russian Down from geese brought up in a cold environment is more valuable. The down pieces are larger and more elastic. BASK work with "LORCH" equipment and manufactures three kinds of mixture, each with different percentage of down: 80, 85, 90. Finally the down is processed with "DOWN PROOF" "NIKWAX" which improves its elastic and water-resistant qualities. The quality of down is judged by its elastic qualities, which are determined as "Fill power" or F.P. (volume to which an ounce of down returns to after being compressed). BASK uses a minimum goose down (white or gray) with F.P. 650 up to 750. BASK's down is used by many leading sports brands, including; Addidas, Reebok, Puma, Esenza

Thinsulate LiteLoft

Insulation Thinsulate LiteLoft is a unique insulation manufactured by 3M. This unique insulating fabric is extremely lightweight, soft and compression stable. Thinsulate is idea for any type of outdoor garments, and sleeping bags. It practically doesn't shrink after washing. (No more than 10 % after 20 washings). Thinsulate Tm LiteLoft Tm - light weight as down and incredibly warm. Excels in its efficiency in cold weather far better than any other fabric of the same weight. 3M Company manufactures a number of variants of this insulation: THL-1, THL-2, THL-3, THL-4 which differ mainly in the thickness from 1,6 up to 2,9 cm. Composition is a mixture of polyester (70-80%) and polyolefin (23-13%) fibres. Garments made from Thinsulate should not be kept compressed under high temperature. We don't recommend ironing.

Thermolite Extreme

Thermolite« Extreme is the warmest of DuPont insulations. It is used in clothing and sleeping-bags production.

DuPont patented tri-blend fiber technology gives Thermolite« Extreme warmth, durability and loft. Each of the three components of the blend is in charge for the corresponding property. Unique design of Thermolite Extreme provides lightweight warmth for prolonged periods of time for both high- and low-activity sports in extreme conditions.

Thermolite Extreme is famous with its unsurpassed warmth per weight ratio and excellent resilience.

Thermolite Extreme allows machine washing and drying and is nonallergenic.
Thermolite Extra

Thermolite Extra is the next in warmth to Thermolite Extreme. It consists of hollow-core fibers that provide three-dimensional spring-like loft. This explains its low weight together with superior warmth and resiliency.

Thermolite Extra is used as an insulator for outdoor clothing and sleeping-bags. It allows machine washing and drying and is nonallergenic.

Thermofil is a new synthetic insulation, which provides warmth without bulk. It is light, warm, compression stable and durable. Thermofil gives good ventilation and does not absorb water. Designers of the fabric have used a special new technology for processing polyester fibres, what enables Thermofil to keep warmth and to preserve its properties in high humidity. This fabric returns to an original volume even after multiple compression. While meeting all modern requirements, Thermofil is far less expensive than most of up-to-date insulations.
Company BASK was the first who applied Thermofil in the Russian outdoor industry, when they started to use it for insulating sleeping-bags.


Polartec 200
Power Stretch
Thermal Pro
Windbloc ACT
Wind Pro

Polartec - is the name for a whole family of synthetic fabrics, designed to secure your comfort in any climatic conditions. Polartec can fully replace natural materials in sports and outdoor clothing. The unique properties of materials in this collection allow people to use them in a wide range of products, from warm underwear to outer clothing.
The creator and manufacturer of Polartec « fabrics - U.S. company Malden Mills - and BASK Company together carry out a campaign to promote Polartec « in Russia.


Ultra-modern membrane fabric designed for extreme-purposed clothing - the newest development of Toray Company (Japan). Absolutely windproof, waterproof - 20000 mm water lift, vapor penetration - 8000 g / m2 / 24h (using b-1 method); Dermizax maintains this exceptional characteristics by 80% after 20 washings.

This material, which BASK choose for storm clothing, have 3-layer structure. Outer surface with waterproof finishing protects intermediate membrane from external damage. Inner layer moves out the moisture and preserves the membrane from destruction.

Sofitex 2000

Sofitex 2000 is the name to a range of fabrics laminated on the inside with water resistant but breathable impregnation. Main characteristics are it is totally windproof; waterproof (hydrostatic head of 2000 mm) and very breathable due to the pores being 1/10,000 of the size of a drop of water.

Pertex is a super light weight, pleasant to touch fabric, providing the unique combination of qualities- perfectly windproof, down proof, damp transmitting. This fabric is used worldwide for making high quality down jackets and sleeping bags. All these qualities are attained due to the thick knitting and the special finishing of the fabric. All the fabrics are from 46 gr/m (Pertex Microlight) up to 80 gr/ m (Pertex 6).
Ripstop Nylon Tactel

Durable, but lightweight fabric, that combines waterproof and breathable properties. BASK Company uses Ripstop Nylon Tactel for manufacturing light waterproof sports clothing, downy wear and sleeping bags. Superfine Tactel « threads (made by Dupont) provide maximum durability / weight ratio (thanks to special wickerwork).
Nylon Tactel

This fabric is very lightweight, soft and it feels good against the skin. It's made of Tactel « threads, which are used for manufacturing superfine durable fabrics. Tactel« fibres with high-density braiding increase durability and flexibility of the fabric, so it is possible to use Nylon Tactle for manufacturing sports clothing. BASK Company uses high-temperature finished Nylon Tactel for windproof clothing and as a lining in downy wear and sleeping bags.
Zippers YKK

BASK uses durable and reliable zips produced by YKK (Japan) that are famous for their excellent quality.
Plastic buckles DURAFLEX

In BASK clothing and equipment we use high-quality and multi-tested plastic DURAFLEX buckles produced by NME.
Special components of DURAFLEX buckles (as in Acetal Dupont`s Delrin? or Nylon Dupont? versions), make them resistant to salt water, cold and UV radiation.

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